What is provided when you retain our services

Services in Canada

Our team know that after you leave the comfort your home country, and land in Canada, with your luggage and full of dreams, everything is new. Despite the amenities that the internet provides, the help of a specialist who lives for a fair amount of years in Canada is essential. We will help you making good choices, and starting your new life in the new country. Below is some of our services:


  • Our service support team will guide you in Canada;


  • Sin number (Canadian document);
  • Driver’s Licence (Canadian Identity Card);


  • Life insurance;
  • Health insurance;
  • Car Insurance;


  • City Housing and Neighborhood facilities in the province you chose to live;
  • Communities/neighborhoods;
  • Mortgage (real estate finance);
  • Cable TV;
  • Internet;
  • Shopping tips with best costs, and benefits to furnish the House;


  • Financial planning;
  • Banks and credit cards;
  • Savings and investments;
  • Taxes in general;
  • Cost of living in Canada;


  • School for the children;
  • English as a Second Language classes;
  • Post Graduate courses;


  • How does public transportation work?
  • Buying or renting cars;
  • Cars comparison analysis;
  • Driver’s licence;
  • Car insurance;


  • CV/Resume and letter of intent;
  • Professions in Canada/wages;
  • Job opportunities in your field of work;

Sports and Entertainment

  • Sport tours;
  • Tips for your family;

Visas and Immigration

  • Study Visa;
  • Work Visa;
  • Visa extension;
  • Status Change;


  • Explanation of Canadian Pension Plan.

If you would like to live, study and work in Canada, contact our office for more information about immigration costs and service fees info@brxgroup.ca

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