5 Canadian universities to keep an eye on

When talking about Canadian universities, we are talking about universities that are among the best in the world. Canada has the University of Toronto (UofT), McGill University (in Montreal), the University of Waterloo and so on. But there are others who are part in the “Best” team, even if we did not hear much of them. What are those universities?
Canada has five educational institutions that have stood out, with much advanced and differentiated programs of study, great investments in infrastructure and technologies, as well as advances in prominent research.

Mount Allison
Recently this institution received a contribution of no less than $ 13 million for the creation of an environmental innovation center on its campus. Objective: research on the effects of climate change on the maritime ecosystem. Not to mention the acquisition of numerous high-tech equipment, used right there for this: science and ecology. Although it is located in a tiny city in New Brunswick, the money that has been put there crosses the border.

University of Lethbridge
ULeth is a university, let’s say, quite young. It’s only 50 years dedicated to education. And to celebrate the 50’s, the University wants to distribute more scholarships this year. It is also another one that has received heavy investment from both the government and private initiative to upgrade what has already been done in research and development, and to attract new students.

Ryerson University
You’ve probably heard of Ryerson. In fact, the demand for this institution has increased a lot in recent years. It has grown 10% in the last two years, and 50% in the last decade. The Toronto campus does not stop growing, and its facilities are to leave anyone’s mouth open. And other very “futuristic” campuses are coming around. The scope of the programs is also well in this line linked in the coming decades – highlight to a Master of Engineering and Entrepreneurship Innovations, with a bias in the wave of start-ups.

University of Windsor
The University of Windsor, without exaggeration, does not stop to progress. Every year new and equipped buildings are born, new lines of research, new study areas, and new investments coming. Last year the Ontario government injected $85.8 million dollars into the university, targeting mostly automotive research. Other millions were destined to the development of Scientific Centers – for people to go there and create, to learn, to develop, to invent, etc. And do not think that other areas of education (like Humanities and Biology) are helpless, a lot of money has been employed in these areas as well.

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