BRX Group

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BRX Group is a company specialized in legal advice about immigration and investment matters, related to obtaining work and student permits for foreigners in Canada, and the workers transferred abroad, providing personalized service for individuals, dealing with local and multinational companies.

The BRX Group is dedicated to customer service and to the relationship with the client; we are focused on the excellence of the services provided, respecting the cultural aspects of each nationality and committing to the success of each client regarding immigration and emigration procedures. We serve our customers according to their needs, making clients and company partners and not only a service provider.

For this reason, we offer services ranging from preparation of legal opinions, analysis of the appropriate visa type according to local legislation, preparation of cases, work permit request before canadian immigration authorities, obtaintion of documents to expatriates, expatriation policy development for businesses, search for housing in Canada, support in intercultural training and assistance in obtaining visa and other requirements.

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