Month: November 2013

Top 10 places to work in Canada

Top 10 places to work in Canada One night last summer, as you were likely unwinding after a long, thankless day at the office, employees of Research In Motion loaded onto a bus for a very special evening. The Waterloo-based tech giant had rented out the Rogers Centre in Toronto and brought in U2 to […]

Spousal Work in Canada

Spouse of an international student in Canada can legally work in the country Many people do not know, but who are married or living in a stable relationship with a foreign student in Canada (enrolled in a post-secondary course) can work legally in the country. The work permit has the same length as the course […]

Provincial Nominee Program

What is it and how does the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)? The PNP is an economic immigration program created to help canadian provinces to meet the demands of their labor markets. The program helps employers attract foreign professionals with skills and experience to work in Canadian business and contribute to the expansion of the economy. […]

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class sofre mudanças e estabelece limites no número anual de imigrantes aprovados O Ministro da Imigração e Cidadania do Canadá, Chris Alexander, falou recentemente sobre o crescimento do programa de imigração Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Mas no dia 8 de novembro, ele anunciou, entre outras mudanças, que um limite no número de imigrantes a […]

Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class undergoes changes and sets limits on the annual number of immigrants approved The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Chris Alexander, recently spoke about the growth of the immigration program Canadian Experience Class (CEC). But on the 8th of November, he announced, among other changes, a limit on the number of immigrants […]

Immigration through study

Immigration through study Did you know that after graduating from a higher education institution in Canadian, legally registered with the Immigration Department, you can request your permanent residence? Many people have questions about this process, and what the rules are, how to become eligible. Thinking about it, we wrote this post. See list of all […]

Agreement with Mercosul “is very difficult,” says Canada

Canada would like to negotiate a bilateral free trade agreement with Brazil, because it believes it is unlikely that advances the current negotiations with Mercosul. This indicates that the opposition, mainly from Argentina, more open trade is contributing to leave Brazil increasingly isolated in the intricate system of bilateral and multilateral agreements that are shaping the […]

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