About BRX Group


Nelson Lisboa, JD, LL.M.

Mr. Lisboa is a senior legal representative with 10 years of professional experience in the legal field, which covers corporate law, labor law, real estate law, securities law and banking law, etc., his expertise can help customers to timely and effective avoid unnecessary legal errors, giving customers the maximum legal support and assistance to help businesses and customers to navigate in a complex economic environment.

Joyce Zhuo

Ms. Zhuo is an experienced licensed immigration consultant, with years of successful experience in handling a large number of immigration cases accumulated, provide the most reliable immigration consulting industry and case processing and analysis of domestic and foreign immigrant customers, and actively provide customers start doing business Practical advice, well versed in government policy needs to play to maximize the advantages of the use of customer support with the government.

Warlley Freitas

Mr. Freitas is an international foreign trade lawyer who has been working for BRX Group since 2012. He began his career in the Immigration and Corporate Departments, and is now the head of the Legal Department, being responsible for immigration contracts.

Patricia Pereira

Patricia Pereira is a Foreign Legal Consultant licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, and a Brazilian lawyer with 10 years of experience. Patricia has extensive experience and understanding of Brazilian laws, legal codes, court procedures. Patricia has a Degree in MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Worked as Lawyer in Brazil, at the Goiania City Hall, in the Audit Department.