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A PR Card is for individuals who have received permanent residency status. Although one has received permanent residency in Canada, they have yet to receive their Canadian citizenship.
A PR Card allows permanent residents to travel outside of Canada and return while using it as proof of status in the country. It is crucial for an individual to have a valid PR Card when re-entering Canada, otherwise a travel document would have to be applied for in order to return.
The simple truth is, that without this critical document, the freedom to leave and re-enter the country as a permanent residence is considerably more strenuous. But, through the guidance of an immigration expert such hardships can be averted.
We can help you apply for an initial or renewal of a PR Card, our professionals can also assist with helping you meeting your residency status and advising you on requirements to maintain your status in Canada. Having in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with PR Card applications, we would also be able to help you make a smooth transition to apply for Canadian Citizenship.
We understand the importance of properly preparing an application for a Canadian Permanent Resident Card along with all the correct supporting documentation. If an application is missing anything it can result in a rejection and having to re-apply can be a costly and painful process. You can have peace of mind that your visa application is being processed with the utmost care and detail.