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There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to immigration. That's why we carefully review each case, whether you represent a business hoping to bring in skilled workers for your company, or an individual wanting to make a better life for yourself and your family.


Canada has long valued immigration to meet its growing labour needs. However, increased government regulations and ever-changing rules can make this a difficult endeavour. We understand that companies must plan for their labour requirements – in both the short- and long-term. The last thing any company wants is a major, unnecessary cost to a project because of red-tape that prevents an essential skilled worker from entering the country by a certain time. This is where we come in. We can help prevent unnecessary anxiety – and better yet – help you grow and succeed.


Canada has long been a country open to immigration and reuniting families is a key pillar of our immigration policy. There are a number of different kinds of sponsorships open to you and your family, including, parental sponsorships, the super visa, dependent children sponsorships and spousal sponsorships. Each has different rules and regulations and some may even have annual quotas.


People often visit Canada for special family occasions or to see a family member they haven’t seen in a long time, creating long-lasting memories for everyone. However, there can be challenges proving that you have sufficient ties to your home country, such as a spouse, a job or a house. Often times, if you are married to a Canadian, getting a visitor visa can be a difficult task.


Canada is known for its quality education and is one of the few countries with a clear path on how you can obtain permanent resident status if you attend school as a foreign student. Foreign students are eligible to obtain “open” work permits when they graduate, which are valuable tools when applying for immigration status if they receive a job offer.


Despite Canada's size, weather patterns are largely the same across the country, with defined seasons similar to those in Europe. While there are variations - coastal regions are usually more temperate than prairie provinces and mountain ranges attract higher rainfall and snow in some areas than others – it’s cold everywhere in winter and warm in most locations in summer. The summer months are most popular, offering sunny days and pleasant temperatures. Springtime starts in late April through to early June and can be a delightful time of year to visit, with gradual snow melt revealing forests and wildflowers and a re-emergence of Canadian wildlife from the long winter hibernation. September’s considered the peak of the salmon run, attracting large numbers of bears. It also marks the start of autumn, with spectacular fall foliage lasting into October.